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5 Minute IELTS: Vocabulary (General)

Here’s the vocabulary quiz testing some tricky words you might find in an IELTS reading or listening text.

Vocabulary Quiz: IELTS

Instructions: Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank space in each sentence.

  1. Despite facing numerous challenges, Mary remained __ and determined to achieve her goals.
    a. indifferent
    b. resilient
    c. frivolous
    d. obscure
  2. The professor delivered a __ lecture on quantum physics, leaving the students fascinated and eager to learn more.
    a. mundane
    b. captivating
    c. ambiguous
    d. redundant
  3. The government has implemented new policies to __ environmental sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.
    a. advocate
    b. compromise
    c. bolster
    d. stagnate
  4. The artist’s work was characterised by its unique blend of colours and __, creating a visually striking masterpiece.
    a. monotony
    b. intricacy
    c. negligence
    d. discrepancy
  5. The team’s success was attributed to their effective __ and seamless collaboration on the project.
    a. cohesion
    b. segregation
    c. disarray
    d. detachment
  6. The company’s commitment to corporate __ is evident in its ethical business practices and community initiatives.
    a. transparency
    b. animosity
    c. reluctance
    d. nostalgia
  7. The novel’s intricate plot and well-developed characters contributed to its __ as a literary masterpiece.
    a. mediocrity
    b. notoriety
    c. authenticity
    d. monotony
  8. The government’s decision to invest in renewable energy sources is a crucial step towards __ dependency on fossil fuels.
    a. perpetuating
    b. mitigating
    c. exacerbating
    d. trivialising
  9. The teacher encouraged students to engage in __ discussions, fostering critical thinking and intellectual growth.
    a. superficial
    b. profound
    c. redundant
    d. sporadic
  10. The scientist’s groundbreaking research could potentially __ our understanding of the origins of the universe.
    a. revolutionise
    b. stagnate
    c. trivialise
    d. deviate
  1. b (resilient)
  2. b (captivating)
  3. a (advocate)
  4. b (intricacy)
  5. a (cohesion)
  6. a (transparency)
  7. b (notoriety)
  8. b (mitigating)
  9. b (profound)
  10. a (revolutionise)

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