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IELTS Speaking Exercise: Sports Vocabulary

IELTS Speaking Exercise: Sports Vocabulary

This exercise is designed to help you practice using sports vocabulary in the IELTS Speaking test. It will improve your fluency and range of expression when discussing sports-related topics.


  1. Match the sports vocabulary words with their definitions.
  2. Study the sample IELTS Speaking questions and try to incorporate the vocabulary words in your responses.
  3. Practice speaking your responses out loud, focusing on pronunciation, fluency, and coherence.
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  • Use a variety of vocabulary words to demonstrate your range of expression.
  • Provide relevant examples and details to support your responses.
  • Speak clearly and at a natural pace, avoiding unnecessary pauses or fillers.
  • Pay attention to your body language and maintain eye contact (if applicable).

Part 1: Match the Vocabulary

Match the sports vocabulary words with their definitions:

  1. Referee
  2. Underdog
  3. Rivalry
  4. Endurance
  5. Spectator
  6. Forfeit
  7. Comeback
  8. Upset

A. A person who watches an event or game.
B. The ability to sustain a prolonged physical or mental effort.
C. An unexpected defeat of a heavily favoured team or individual.
D. To withdraw from a contest or competition.
E. A person who enforces the rules and regulations during a game or contest.
F. A competition or contest between two teams or individuals who are fierce opponents.
G. A team or individual who is not expected to win.
H. A dramatic reversal of fortune, often involving regaining a lead after trailing.

Part 2: Sample IELTS Speaking Questions

  1. What is your favourite sport, and why do you enjoy it?
  2. Do you prefer team sports or individual sports? Explain your preference.
  3. Describe a memorable sporting event you have attended or watched.
  4. In your opinion, what are the benefits of participating in sports?

5. How important is it for children to be involved in sports activities?
6. Some people believe that professional athletes are overpaid. What is your view on this?
7. Discuss the role of referees or officials in ensuring fair play in sports.
8. Talk about a time when you experienced or witnessed an upset or comeback in a sporting event.

Remember to use the sports vocabulary words appropriately in your responses and provide relevant examples and details to support your points.


Part 1: Match the Vocabulary (Answers)

  1. Referee – E
  2. Underdog – G
  3. Rivalry – F
  4. Endurance – B
  5. Spectator – A
  6. Forfeit – D
  7. Comeback – H
  8. Upset – C

Part 2: Sample IELTS Speaking Responses

  1. My favorite sport is tennis, and I enjoy it because it combines physical endurance with mental sharpness. The rallies can be intense, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking.
  2. I prefer individual sports like swimming because your success depends solely on your own efforts and endurance. In team sports, you may have to forfeit a match due to weaker teammates.
  3. One memorable event was the 2022 World Cup final between the underdogs from Croatia and the powerhouse Brazilian team. Despite being the underdogs, Croatia staged an incredible comeback in the second half to cause a major upset.
  4. Participating in sports offers numerous benefits, such as improved physical fitness, mental discipline, and a sense of camaraderie. It teaches valuable life skills like perseverance and dealing with victories or upsets gracefully.
  5. It’s crucial for children to be involved in sports activities from an early age. It instills healthy habits, boosts confidence, and provides an outlet for their energy. Team sports, in particular, foster teamwork and respect for referees’ decisions.
  6. While top athletes earn staggering salaries, I believe their compensation is justified given the intense training, risks of injuries, and the fierce rivalry at the professional level. Their skills generate massive revenues for leagues and sponsors.
  7. Referees play an indispensable role in maintaining the integrity of sports. They must remain impartial, enforce rules consistently, and manage the intense rivalries between players and teams. Their decisions can influence the outcome of games.
  8. I vividly remember the 2016 NBA Finals when the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off an incredible comeback after trailing the Golden State Warriors 3-1 in the series. It was one of the biggest upsets in basketball history.

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